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(Mar 6 - 13) - Book Fair in the library. Open during recess and after school, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

(Mar 11) - Book Fair Family Night in the library 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

(Mar 13) - 3rd Quarter Ends

(Mar 16 - 20) - Spring Intercession - No School

(Mar 26) - Kuhio Day - No School

(Mar 27) - Dynamic Dolphin Awards Assembly, 1:00 p.m.


Check out the Upcoming Events page for more
school and family activities!

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Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE)
Digital Device Usage Policy

Link to Hawaii DOE Digital Device Usage Policy

Attachment A: HIDOE Internet and Computer Use Rules

Attachment B: HIDOE Digital Device Usage Policy

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Head Start Applications 2014 - 2015
HCAP Head Start is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year for children born from August 1, 2009 to July 31, 2011. HCAP Head Start is a federally funded program that promotes school readiness of children ages 3 to 5 by enhancing their cognitive, social and emotional development.

Program options include:
- Free part-day / part-year and full-day / part-year centers
- Low-cost full-day / full-year centers
- Home Based
- Head Start / DOE Combined Classrooms (Inclusion)

Enrollment opportunities are also available for children with special needs. For more information call (808) 847-2400. Applications are available at all HCAP locations or apply online at

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Hawaii Department of Education School Calendar
* Click here to go to Calendar page *

Note: If changes occur during the year the calendar will be updated and notifications will be posted on the website. Mahalo.

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Kainalu is going paperless!!
Kainalu is trying to be green by posting all announcements, newsletters and any other written correspondense that does not need parental signatures in our
Friday Folder section of our website (left column).

Parents who are having trouble with Internet access please see our Office staff.

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Are you new to Kainalu?
Whether you are in the military moving to Hawaii or transferring from another Hawaii school, we want your transition to Kainalu to be as easy and comfortable as possible.

Please visit the Transition Center to help you.

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Do you shop online at
Now you can shop online at AND help Kainalu at the same time
by using the link below or on the left column.

Kainalu could get anywhere from 4 - 8% back !!

Click here to shop at and help Kainalu earn money back !!

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KETC 3 LIVE is Kainalu’s morning news station, which is broadcasted live on our closed circuit TV system that only our school can view. As part of our morning news we would love to feature a picture of a Kainalu student(s) at an interesting place or accomplishing something great. It could be a picture that a student or parent has taken.

Parents - If you have a picture ( .jpeg ) that fits these criteria, please send it to with a short description that includes who, what and where the picture is about.

We look forward to showcasing our awesome Kainalu students!

Check out the Kainalu Multimedia section to watch
PSAs and videos produced by our Tech Club for KETC3LIVE. Enjoy!

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Go Green!
Help save the planet and recycle your printer ink cartridges

Do you just throw your cartridges away in the trash when they run out of ink? Help save the planet and help our school make some extra money at the same time by recycling your empty ink cartridges. It's easy! Just put it in a small ziploc bag and drop it in the ink cartridge recycle box in the front office. Laser toner cartridges also accepted.

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Privacy Rights

"Annual Notification of Privacy Rights
Know your privacy rights as they apply to 1) student record information; 2) directory information; 3) surveys and other information collection; and 4) military recruitment information. For more information on your privacy rights, the laws that protect them, and how to exercise your rights, contact your school administrator or visit"


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